These photos are all taken from the collection of old photographs of Paull recently acquired for the village by Paull Parish Council and are reproduced by kind permission. Unfortunately they are all undated but most are from the same period, the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Some of these photos are linked to enlarged versions or similar photos : if the cursor arrow changes to a pointing hand when it passes over a photo, then click on it to see another version.

Most of the cottages on the left of these photos and those below have been demolished :
only those immediately adjoining the lighthouse remain, and have been recently extended.
The area behind the ladies seen in the left -hand photo (also visible in
the photo on the right) is now occupied by the Village Hall.
Two views of the river front at Paull. Note the ship at the pier in the background of the left-hand picture.
The pier, and the building visible in the far distance of the right-hand photo, were demolished many years ago.
Two views of the Old Lighthouse taken from the beach; the lighthouse and
adjacent cottages appear to have been rendered and painted or whitewashed.

Crowds at Paull for the Royal tour of 1953; some are enjoying the view from the gallery round the lamp room

Paull lighthouse and riverfront circa 1960.
Left: an old sketch of Paull lighthouse; right : the only photo of the Thorngumbald Clough lighthouses in the collection, showing the keeper's cottage (demolished relatively recently.)

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