This website has been created as part of the entry by Holderness Rangers for the "Our History - My Heritage" competition being run by The History Channel and English Heritage. The challenge is to research a particular aspect of local history: the most obvious historical site in the Paull area is Fort Paull (also known as Paull Point Battery) but this has already been covered very well elsewhere, and we felt that there was little new research for us to do. So, we looked around for another field of study. The Holderness Rangers meet in Paull Village Hall, and directly opposite the hall is Paull's most famous landmark, the Old Lighthouse.

Initial research showed us that there is very little published about this lighthouse so we could do something new, AND Paull has two other lighthouses, situated just south of the village itself but still within Paull parish, at Thorngumbald Clough (pronounced to rhyme with "through.") So - our research on "A History of the Paull Lighthouses" was begun.

September 2002 : the judging is over and the project that created this website has been placed second in its class! Their entry has been described as having “stood out within its category” and the Rangers have won a digital camera for the group plus certificates and individual prizes for all the group members, and hope to see their efforts on national TV too! But although the competition itself is over this website is still being added to as we continue to discover new information, so please do still continue to check back occasionally.

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