The Old Lighthouse - interior

The lighthouse was originally built as a free-standing tower and the cottages on either side were linked to it later. The present owner, Mr. James Deighton, has done a lot of restoration : the main sitting room of the cottage overlooking the river has one curved wall which was plastered when he bought it. When this old plaster was removed (originally with the intention of re-plastering it) he discovered not only these wonderful old bricks, still in good condition, but a wooden lintel and doorway. Since the bathroom is on the other side (in the base of the tower - how many other round bathrooms do you know of?!) the doorway has had to remain sealed off, but has been made into a feature of the room.
The cottage atmosphere of the Old Lighthouse is beautifully maintained - this is the room on the ground floor of the cottage which adjoins the tower to the east (away from the river) and the one above is the cottage to the south (overlooking the river.)
The lighthouse has two staircases, a straight one which leads the the upper floors of the cottage and this wonderful curved staircase which goes round the tower up to the first floor, from where access to the lamp room is by an almost vertical ladder.

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